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Professional Blog system For Your Website

Our Blog system is the most popular blog component that users worldwide love to use! 

Main features of our popular blog component

Explore the powerful features that makes blogging sophisticated yet easy to achieve. Our Blog system is the future of website blogging!


Awesome Workflow New
Our Blog system has covered all aspects of blogging in Joomla like composing, drafting, tagging, rating, or maintaining blogs. You will find that this Joomla blog component makes publishing news easy!



Advanced Media Management New
Pictures paint a thousand words. With our Blog system,  you can paint the best blog post using our advanced Media Manager. The best part is you can also pull your photos from Flickr albums. Get images from folders that can be accessed publicly or set it for specific user access only.




Micro Blogging Updates New
Need to post a quick update in your blog like pictures, quotes, or videos? Use the Quick Update feature to post these updates instantly, Tumblr style. You can post mini blogs instantly from your own Twitter account too!



Weever Apps Integration New
If you need to read posts from your Blog in your mobile phone, Weever Apps lets you view them. With Weever Apps, your can view your Blog posts professionally optimized for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and tablets.



Comment System
Let your users express themselves with comments in this blog component! You can use Our Blog's system built-in comment system or integrate with Facebook Comments.



Blog Image

Assign specific images to represent your blog posts with blog images. This works when you set a picture as a featured image in your blog listing view that is organized. Your blogs will appear clean and easily readable in your site.



Third Party Integration

You can make money from blogging with EasyBlog by putting up ads from Google Adsense. Automatically ping to search engines and online directories with Ping-O-Matic whenever you have new blog updates. Users can also use FeedBurner to subscribe to all your latest blogs via RSS feeds.



Scheduled Publishing

Don't want to miss out an idea for future blogs? Why not blog it now, save it and publish it at a later date, automatically, on a predefined date.



Social Buttons Integration

Keep your followers glued to your site by sharing your blogs in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many more. Display these social buttons in your blogs for the convenience of users to share blogs in their social profiles.



Rating System

Increase user participation by allowing them to vote for their favorite posts with the five-star rating feature.



Nested Categories

Manage your blog posts professionally with categories, using either nested or multi-tiered category selection.



Access Control Lists

You can restrict certain activities that users or user groups can do in EasyBlog. It's a neat security feature and highly configurable in managing activities in your blog.




Protect your post

Set your blog to be viewed in public, private or limited to selected users or user groups, with just a few clicks.




Shared Avatars

Blogger profiles gets more exposure by sharing their avatars from JomSocial, Community Builder, Kunena, and more!



Supported Languages

Want to blog in your language? EasyBlog comes with more than 10 international languages translated by a team of professional and dedicated translators.



Compose Now, Edit Later

You can blog new topics and save them for future editing and publishing. EasyBlog can also auto-save your blogs.



Alerts & Notifications

Keep visitors updated to your latest blogs and comments with RSS feeds or via email alerts. You can also choose to receive either all or selected notifications as you wish by email notifications.



Featured Blogs

Want to showcase your favorite blog post? Show them in a slideshow manner to feature all your blogs at the top of all your other blogs. This feature can help direct more traffic to your popular blogs too!



Unicode URLs

Localize your blog titles in your own language characters. EasyBlog supports these special characters to appear in your blog permalinks, giving you and your blog visitors feel at home.



Keywords Tagging

Label your blogs with keywords and phrases by tagging them so that your blogs are organised and accessible. Search engines will reward blogs tagged with relevant keywords!



Content Editing

Build your blog content with ease using WYSIWYG editing tools including JCE, TinyMCE, CodeMirror. You also have the flexibility to enter your own HTML codes for that desired blog styling.



Geo-location Tagging

Tag your blogs where ever you are to show users where the blog is posted or where a photo is taken. Your blog will display a Google Map with the exact location of the published blog.



Search Engine Friendly

EasyBlog is a search engine magnet! You have loads of options in optimizing your blog URLs and permalinks. For advanced users, take advantage of the canonical URLs feature and integrate EasyBlog with third party SEF apps like sh404SEF, Artio JoomSEF, AceSEF, SEFAdvance and more!



Configurable Toolbar

Choose which buttons to appear in your Blog system toolbar. You can configure the kind of buttons you desire to perform certain actions for your users.



Email Notification

Receive latest blogs and latest comments via email. our Blog system automatically sends out email notifications direct to subscriber email accounts.



Other Cool Features

Take advantage of the other powerful features of our Blog system that you will love to use. Learn how they complete your website blogging experience!






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