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Book Cover Design

Are you looking for a custom book cover designer?

We offer custom book cover design services for digital eBooks, print-on-demand paperbacks and hardcover dust jackets. We also offer design for audio books and 3D box sets. We create designs for most genres in both fiction and non-fiction. With our outstanding and powerful book design your book will stands out on the bookshelf and online. 

Color, typeface, images and layout combine to give us an impression of what a book is about. We decide if we like a book in just 10 seconds.

It pays to get your cover right...

Yes 10 seconds is all the time you have to grab a browsing reader's attention. If you fail to grab that reader's attention they’re gone – on to the next book. You lose a reader/buyer.

How and what...

We carefully listen to your ideas for the book cover and learn whom you see as your ideal reading audience. Our extensive background in art design allows us to develop book cover images and typography that put an intriguing, enticing, appropriate face on your work.

You will typically be presented with three to five mock-ups for your review and consideration. Each book cover design may incorporate photos you provide or they might include additional illustration, stock photos, or custom photography. Whatever the combination, know that the design has been tailored for your book and your reading audience.

For an eBook, we will deliver your final cover design in every dimensions and formats required for your platforms of choice.

For printed soft cover books we include spine, front and back book cover. Dust jackets for case bound books also include flap designs. Files destined for print-on-demand or conventional printing are guaranteed to fit printer’s specs, including those for overhangs, spine width, and flap depths.

  • Book Covers
  • Coffee Table Books
  • Workbooks
  • Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry...
  • eBook Covers
  • We design interior layouts too!