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Website Design Services

Planning Your Website Design

Get Started with Basic Principles
Optimization, Accessibility, and Usability

A well-planned website is easy to use and intuitive for the user. These basic principles of usability will enhance the users experience on your website.

  • Keep it Brief: People read 40% less on the web than they will in print. Use keywords in your content and bulleted, condensed information.
  • Avoid 'Busy' Pages: Print requires 30% "white space" to let the eyes organize content.
  • Effective web design requires 60% white space.
  • Plan the User Experience: Users stay longer on websites that allow them to interact and make choices.
  • Avoid Long Pages: Users do not like to scroll down long pages. Keep pages short enough that the main content fits "above the fold" (fit on the screen without scrolling).
  • Plan a Logical Navigation: Users leave sites that are hard to navigate. Organize material clearly and allow the user to click on selections to bring material to them. This will increase willingness to explore and read your site.
  • Do you have a domain name?: A strong domain name can help drive traffic to your site. Use the domain registration link below to search for the names that fit your idea.