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Client: EnvyRed
Services provided: HTML5/Photoshop/php/mySql/Joomla

Services provided:

  • Design
  • Development
  • XHTML / CSS / Javascript
  • Photo Gallery
  • Event Calendar
  • Countdown Clock
  • Joomla / CMS

Envy Red is a website that contains information on upcoming events, blogs, photos, as well as other features that allows the user to get the best literary experience when visiting the site. The countdown clock, which is featured on the front of the page, is designed for the user to keep track of the author's next release of her book. As you move through the site, you will note, an actual "feature" link that spotlights publishers, editors, retailers, book clubs, and other people and items in the literary industry. The store allows the user to purchase newly released and existing books. The "events" section gives the user information on upcoming book signings and informs the user of the next event location to where the author will be promoting her books. Immediately when you visit the site the name and design will captivate you to want to know more about the author and what she has to offer. Visit Envy Red and get the best literary experience like no other!

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